We need help with zoom SDK web sample

We need help figuring how to run the zoom sdk. We are able to clone the file, but we’re unable to interact with the join meeting button when we open the host file. We are making a demo app, so we’d additionally need help with the video SDK as well. Thank you.

@michael.agbesi001 could you elaborate slightly on which repository you are cloning from, and what is the host file you are opening?

Could I double check if this is Video SDK or Meeting SDK as well?

Hey Chun Siong,

I cloned the file into my repository using this link: GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-javascript-sample: Use the Zoom Meeting SDK in (vanilla) JavaScript into my desktop.

Could you further elaborate on what you mean by host file? I’ve been opening the file using the index.html file in the cloned file.

Thank you!

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