WEB Sdk not showing "Join Audio Computer" on iPhone's Safari

I’m using Zoom Web SDK to jon a meeting. When I use an android device along with google chrome browser. I can see the “Join Computer Audio” button. However on iPhone Safari that button/option is not available. What is the problem?

Hi @m1kabbani,

Due to browser constraints with Audio Worklet API, we only support Computer Audio Chrome[1].

1 - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/Web-Client-SDK/getting-started/prerequisites#install-a-browser-supported-by-zooms-web-sdk-as-shown-in-the-table-below


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I’ve tried to use Chrome browser on iPhone7. Still can’t see the join audio button.

Hey @m1kabbani,

This could be a limitation on iOS.

We are looking into it and will get back to you.