Browser (Chrome, Safari) in iPhone cannot join in Audio? Slow Video also?

I am currently developing a web-based Zoom meeting with Web SDK.

And when I tap on my phone “Join Audio” button, it shows the following message:

Your browser does not support using the computer's Audio device, To 
use Zoom, install the latest version of a  standard browser, such as 
Chrome, Firefox or Chromium Edge.

I am currently use Zoom@1.9 CDN, iPhone and tested with Chrome and Safari, still did not work.

It is quite surprise to me that web-based Zoom cannot use audio.

Also by the way, the web-based video sending to another side (from my phone to other client) is slow, or even halt.

The video on the phone (my side) did not move at all.

But it looks nicely in the notebook/desktop version from the same page (from other side to my phone).

Attached image for your info:

  • Upper video is coming from my phone, and it stopped moving.
  • The below message shown when I tap “Join Audio”.

Is that normal? And is there a way to fix it?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Hey @alucard001,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.

Please make sure that you are serving the site of HTTPS on Chrome. If the issue persists, try using our Sample Web App to see if you encounter the same issues there.

When it comes to the issues with iOS/Safari, this is currently a limitation of the Web SDK that we plan to resolve in the future when Apple exposes the necessary APIs. Please see our documentation on Browser Support.

Let me know if you see these same issues with the Sample Web App. This could also be related to the network that you’re using on. While the Zoom Client has the best performance, you should still be able to see smooth video when using the Web SDK.


We got the same problem. Newest library from cdn; newest chrome browser from iphone; it’s working on laptop but not on iPhone.

This is a known issue. It is on the Roadmap of Zoom Web SDK.

Zoom Web SDK is not working on iOS Safari/Chrome at this moment.

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Hey @edemy ,

You can see the device / browser support here:

Thanks for answer @alucard001 !


Hi all,

Searching for information about this I see that there is lots on the forum, but I want to make sure I understand exactly what the issue is – obviously not having the web SDK available in iOS is a major blocker for anyone needing mobile support as much as desktop.

Is this information from last June still accurate? [CRITICAL] No Audio for mobile iOS browsers - #2 by Michael_Purnell

If so, the Audio worklet ticket on the WebKit bug tracker is here: 182506 – Implement AudioWorklet

As mentioned in that ticket’s comments, I was able to get Zoom “Computer Audio” working in Safari Tech Preview (Safari 14.1, TP release 119). However I couldn’t find any indication of whether the APIs would ever make their way from Tech Preview to stable.

Edit: doing a bit more research, I see the AudioWorklet implementation happened in TP 116 in November (see WebKit blog). I’m hopeful this might be shipped in Safari 14.1, which I think will likely be released in March extrapolating from the Safari release history (see Wikipedia).

Hey @thibaud.colas ,

Thanks for sharing this info here. :slight_smile: Once Joining by Computer Audio on Safari is possible, and stable, we will gladly add this to the Web SDK.

Until then, here are the currently supported features across browsers:


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