Does the Web SDK work on Mobile?

Hi, I’m wondering if the Web SDK / WebClient works on Mobile browsers.

I’ve recently tested the WebClient on Android, using chrome. The sound worked, The video only when I used the phone horizontally (so the screen was on landscape), and the UI did not look very good

The Smartphone where I tested it was a Xiaomi A2 on Android Pie.

I’m looking to use Zoom as a tool for video calling one on one on a webapp, but most of our clients would connect using their cellphones.


Hey @ronald.melo,

The Web SDK does have limited support on Mobile.

For the best experience on mobile, I suggest using the Zoom App, or Mobile SDKs.


Is there documentation on the features supported by Web SDK for Mobile browsers? Does it need anything additional setup because right now, I am able to use it fine on my Desktop browser but on the mobile browsers, I get the error message joining fail with no other information to debug the cause of it


Hey @callmekatootie, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

It should work on mobile browsers.’

We are currently working on adding mobile browser support to this table.

What is the meeting ID you are trying to join, and how are you generating the signature?


Thanks for getting back to me @tommy.

The meeting ID was 512075963. I debugged and found the cause of the issue to be a wrong api key that I was using. I corrected that.

But then I ran into another issue - I was not able to share my video. Even the audio was through phone only and not through the device’s microphone. Is there support for video and audio for mobile browsers using the Web SDK?

Browser: Chrome
Device: Iphone


Hi @callmekatootie,

Can you share your iOS version and a screenshot of what you see? This will help us debug the issue.

The Web SDK uses HTMLMediaElement.setSinkId() from version 1.7.4 and the API is not supported on Android webview. So the Web SDK occours a script error when we do ‘Join Audio’.

Can you consider not to use HTMLMediaElement.setSinkId() or APIs which are not supported on mobile browsers?

Hey @tomofumi.asakawa,

Thanks for your feedback, we are working on ways to support mobile browsers better.


Do you have a Zoom protocol link that can be used to launch the mobile app?

Ex: zoom://{Encrypted Password}

Hey @sales1,

Yes, check out the Zoom URL Schemes:


Why mysdk force close when start video camera?

Hey @muhamadangga609,

Let me know if this is the same issue: