Web Client


Is there a way to have the connecting url to always connect to the web client?


Hi Steve, 

Can you further elaborate on your use case for web client? Also, are you referring to this https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web/blob/master/index.html correct?



I did not realize we route directly to it using js, in all the documentation that was never made clear. My boss wants to route to the webinars directly from an email, which is a problem cause you can’t run js in emails. Got any good work arounds for this, he didn’t bite when I suggested to route to our site first.

This was extremely helpful.


Tried it and it doesn’t work with webinars.


Well, it looks like the web client doesn’t work with webinars and only with meetings. The reason I wanted to use web client is to avoid our customers from installing third party software.



Hi Steve,

Web client only partially supports webinar with actions like Join webinar, Promote, Raise/Lower hand. We are currently working on the timeline to support webinar fully but we have no specific release date yet.