Web hook recording events

I am trying to get event type “Recording Started” and “Recording Stopped” events from web hooks.

I created an marketplace web hook only app for a Basic free account. After adding url and selecting event types, using request bin I am successfully gets notifications for meeting start/end events but not recording events.


  1. Create a new meeting from basic account holder.
    2.Join same meeting from another user with same meeting id
    3.Initiate recording from basic account holder client. In my case it is a desktop client.

What are the requirements to get web hook Recording start/stopped event?
Do Basic accounts support that feature?
Cloud recording needs to be enabled as requirement?
Where should we start recording from client or from a web api call in order to get web hook recording event?

Never mind,

I found the answer

Hey @okan,

Let us know if you have other questions! :slight_smile: