Web Meeting SDK 2.4.0 release

Hi, have received one email for Web SDK Updates where it is mentioned that Meeting Web SDK 2.4.0 will be rolled out soon, Can you please tell me the timeline around that? Need to plan other things based on that.

I have checked the changelog and announcements section but there is no update there.


Welcome and thank you for posting @vipul4plcmnt! The Meeting Web SDK 2.4.0 was rolled out last week. Here is a link to our Sample Meeting Web SDK 2.4.0:

Does this new version allow the developer to customize the size of the component window that the zoom videos are displayed in. Currently the component is a small window with no real way to edit it’s size.

@matthew.abbott, have you tried leveraging the following resources to resize and position the SDK?



Yes thank you this new update is better this is exactly what I needed.

You’re welcome, @matthew.abbott!

Thanks, @donte.zoom
It is mentioned that Meeting SDK 2.4.0 supports mobile browsers, does that mean we can safely launch zoom SDK on mobile browsers? Because before 2.4.0, I read that zoom meeting SDK does not officially support mobile browsers.

You’re welcome, @vipul4plcmnt! Correct, Meeting SDK 2.4.0 supports mobile browsers. You can see this update posted on our changelog and Browser support table here.

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