Web SDK (1.7.0)- Video is showing properly but no audio

I am able to join video on browser via web sdk but sometimes video connected but no audio hear between both participants. If i see the dashboard it shows no audio matrix for that session.

Which Web Video SDK version?
Web SDK 1.7.0

Hi @qazi.naveed ,

Thank you for your post! To better help you, could you answer the following questions:

  • What browser are you experiencing this issue on?

  • If you test with the sample application, do you experience the same issue?

  • Have you selected “allow” for microphone permission within your browser?


  1. This occurs randomly on different browsers like sometime we face it on WKWebview on iOS and native browser on android.This also happens if we join the link via email to any browser like chrome and safari etc.

  2. I could not find any sample application but the sample code.Can you help me locate the sample application if it exists.

  3. Yes, i give permission to audio and video both

Hi @qazi.naveed ,

Thanks for providing these answers. Here is the sample application I’m referring to above. I see you’re on an older version of the Video SDK. Could you update to 1.7.5 and see if this resolves the issue? If not, could you respond with a snippet of your code where you’re starting your audio?


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