Web SDK 1.8.0 - audio issue

The audio is unclear.

No error message

Which version?
web SDK 1.8.0

To Reproduce(If applicable)
It is usually coming in MAC and Windows + Google Chrome.

The issue is in audio.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: MAC, DELL
  • OS: macos catalina, Windows
  • Version: macos Catalina 10.15.6, Windows 10
  • Browser: Google Chrome 84

Additional context
Voice is unclear

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Hey @karthikeyan.ramaraj,

Thanks for sharing this. Can you elaborate more by “unclear”?

If you can, please provide a screen recording with audio so we can investigate.


hey @tommy,
some of my participant also have this issue.

sound unclear, some people have small volume (although the device already max)
the other experience robotic sound, and background noises

Hey @tommy,

Please check the below videos links for the audio issue in Web SDK 1.8.0.

P.S. These are unlisted videos. Once the issue is solved. I will delete them.

Also seeing this issue. It’s pervasive, every meeting is using the dial-in because audio is not use-able in the web sdk.

Hey @avicienna.ulhaq, @deepak2, @sales1, @karthikeyan.ramaraj,

Thanks for the info. We are investigating the issue and will work on a solution. (CS-2316)

I will keep this thread updated. :slight_smile:


Hey @tommy,

After updating to Web SDK 1.8.1 the audio issue is solved.

Only the screen blur issue is pending now.

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Hey @deepak2,

Happy to hear you are no longer experiencing the audio issues.

Can you please provide more details about the blur screen issue? If you could start a new thread that would be great! :slight_smile:


Hey @tommy,

I will create a new thread for the video blur issue on web-sdk.


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Thanks @deepak2! :slight_smile:


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