Web SDK 1.8.5 throws errors on Windows

I use sentry to track errors thrown from my web application. I noticed that some errors are threw on Windows environment. The details is described below:

  1. Unspecified error
    This error was threw on transpiled a.onload function from ./node_modules/@zoomus/websdk/dist/zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js on IE11, WindowOS only. Transpiled javascript code:
// [Zoom Meeting Web Client WebSDK]  1.8.5_20201221_ES6_release - Monday, December 21st, 2020, 3:37:14 PM  
{snip} n(e,t,n,o){var r=n.x,i=n.y,a=new Image;a.onload=function(){a&&e.drawImage(a,r,i),a=null},a.onerror=function(){a=null},a.src="data:image/".co 
  1. Range Error: offset is out of bounds
    This error was threw by Uint8Array.set in anonymous function from https://dmogdx0jrul3u.cloudfront.net/1.8.5/lib/av/6206_js_media.min.js. which is used by ZooMtg.setZoomJSLib() as library’s path. The error occurs on only WindowOS but chromium based browsers(Chrome, Edge, Whale)


  1. Error: unspecified error
  2. RangeError: offset is out of bounds

Which version?
Web SDK 1.8.5


  1. Unspecified Error

  2. Range Error

Hey @eunsu.dev,

Thanks for reporting this. Our Web SDK Engineering team is looking into it. I will provide you with updates here. (CS-2764)


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Thanks for your supporting :slight_smile:
I’ll keep an eye on the latest updates.


Hey @eunsu.dev,

I’m glad to hear that @tommy was able to assist in this. We’ll be sure to update you when we have more informaiton.



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