Web SDK 1.9.5 :: Audio / Video Problem

We have recently migrated out Web Client SDK from 1.8.6 to 1.9.5. With this new version, we are facing issues with the AV connection. After some time, audio and video stop for few participants. This is very common when a lot of participants (>10) join.

Audio and Video stops working

Which Web Client SDK version?

To Reproduce

  1. Join a meeting as Host from Zoom Web Client SDK 1.9.5
  2. Let other participants join with Video tuned on and Audio Tuned On.
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Hey @veer.shrivastav,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. First, please try upgrading to the latest version of the Web SDK - 1.9.6. With this upgrade, we fixed some issues related to AV that might help.

Let me know!


We did upgrade to 1.9.6, we see that there are updates that have been addressed, but we still observe that the RAM usage is very high. It consumes nearly 2-3GB RAM on a chrome browser where 10 participants were in a meeting with all video turned on. We are still to do a full-mode load testing with more than 40 participants in a meeting with all videos turned on.


I’m glad to finally see someone else than us reporting these issues.

It’s also affecting the 1.9.1, since around April 25th.

We also noticed that the memory usage increased compared to past versions. We only do meetings with 2 to 3 participants at a time so the average usage stay around 1 or 1.2 GB depending on the use cases.

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Hey @veer.shrivastav,

Thanks for testing that out on 1.9.6, I’m glad to hear that you’re seeing the update addressed the audio issues that you were having.

When it comes to RAM allocation, this can vary greatly based on the OS that you’re running the browser on. Further, RAM allocation by itself isn’t always bad and can often by a performance optimization done by a developer or automatically by a compiler/interpreter.

Zoom scales its consumption based on the resources available. If there is a compute or network constraint, you’ll see that Zoom will do its best to adjust to this limitation. This means that if there is an excess of a resources, Zoom will also attempt to scale quality up as much as possible.

Considering that our Web SDK follows the same system requirements as our Web Client (4GB RAM recommended), 2-3 GB RAM doesn’t seem too far outside what you can expect with the Web Client or Web SDK.

If you or @nvivot would like this investigated further, please create a new topic including information on the OS you’re using and the RAM usage that you’re seeing. I’ll follow up with you there and engage our engineering team if necessary.


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