Web SDK: Automatically enter name/meeting id/password etc

So I got the Web SDK to finally work. Now I’m trying to if it’s possible to skip the name/meeting id/password/user type window and go straight to the meeting? Possibly with a name the user inputs in a form before, or just something preset.

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I’ve tried to change the values of the form inputs in the CDN index.html… I can preset everything there, meeting number, password etc, but whatever I input for the name, the name will be something like “CDN1.7.7Win10#chrome/81.04044.138” when I join the meeting… what’s the trouble, I wonder :S

Since I can’t delete this thread, I’ll post what solution I got. The Sample App’s index.js needed deleting of this line: document.getElementById(‘display_name’).value = “CDN” + ZoomMtg.getJSSDKVersion()[0] + testTool.detectOS() + “#” + testTool.getBrowserInfo();

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Thanks for sharing your solution @kadriko06!


I am also getting this error.

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘detectOS’ of undefined”

How I resolve this issue

Hey @letscmsdev,

Please start a new topic with more details and steps to reproduce the issue.