Web sdk client.init chat

I’m using the web sdk and I want to disable the chat function from the client.init
Something like:-
isSupportChat: false,

Is this possible? Are there any other ways to stop participants chatting without the host having to intervene?

Also, Is there a document anywhere outlining what can be changed within client.init ?


Hi @mike6 ,

yes, you can use that field to disable in-meeting.

Here’s list of settings / parameters which you can set with client.init

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Hi @mike6 ,

Alternatively, you can consider using Account / Group / User settings to disable/enable meeting features as well https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115004809306-Enabling-or-disabling-in-meeting-chat.

Thanks Jenzus. Using user settings is are fall back position…

Thanks Chun. That list is hugely useful.