isSupportChat doesn't seem to work

I asked this once before, I think, but never got it resolved.
Using component view of meeting sdk

zoomAppRoot: meetingSDKElement,
language: ‘en-US’,
isSupportChat: false,

isSupportChat doesnt seem to work. I have chat as on in the account / user settings but I was hoping isSupportChat: false would overide this. Is it not the case?



Thanks for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum – I am happy to help here. To start, can you ebracteate on what you are looking to accomplish? This will help us provide more personalized support.

We are looking forward to your response.

Thanks for your offer of help.

I’m using the CDN for the component model:

We have an app. This app features a meeting component . Sometimes we wish to have chat enabled and sometimes we do not. We can turn it on and off in the user settings but we don’t want to rely on that as users may some time change it and forget to change back. We were hoping to use isSupportChat. I assumed that isSupportChat: false would disallow chat. Was I wrong to do so? If so what does it do? And is there any way to disable chat from within the app? Using init for example?


Correct, isSupportChat is used to enabled/disabled the Chat feature. Perhaps your account level settings are over ridding your user Chat setting. Can you confirm your account level setting are correct? Also, please take a look at this Developer Forum on how to disable in-meeting chat via the Zoom Web Portal , and via the API

Update account settings

Disable in-meeting chat via the Zoom Web Portal