Web SDK Crash issue in 1.7.10


We have started using Web SDK 1.7.10. During our testing phase, our staffs were faced with a Web SDK crash.

Please find the below details and give us an update after analyzation at your end.

Our Staffs used Google Chrome 83 and 84. MS Windows 10 OS.

  1. Participant [#1]: WINDOW machine (window 10, 8GB ram, i5-4310M) - CPU (60%), MEMORY (95 %)

2.Participant [#2]: WINDOW machine (window 10, 8GB ram, i7-5600U) - CPU (30 %), MEMORY (95 %)

  1. Host: WINDOW machine (window 10, 8GB ram, i7-5600U) - MEMORY (94 %)

However, the CPU and MEMORY shoot up when we ON the camera also.

Even in Sample Web App 1.7.10, we are facing crash issue.


Hey @karthikeyan.ramaraj,

Are there errors in the browser console? Can you explain more by what you mean by crash? Video or screenshots would be helpful.


Sure @tommy. Will share the details.


Attached screenshots for your reference.

Thanks @karthikeyan.ramaraj,

We are looking into this. (CS-1816)

I will get back to you with updates.


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