Web SDK missing feature (plans for future release)

In web SDK there is missing feature - the ability to connect out to a room system based on the organization’s contact list. So my question is do you have plans to add it in near future releases?
I know about https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog and already subscribed, but in would be nice if you can inform me about your plans related to this feature …

Hey @osulzhenko,

To clarify, you want to invite a Zoom Room (from a list of Zoom Rooms endpoint) to a Zoom meeting using the Web SDK?


Hi @tommy, i meant Invite somebody from contacts list under “+invite” button, in web SDK i can’t see “Invite by Contacts” tab …

Hey @osulzhenko, thanks for more details.

Currently the Web SDK does not have this feature. I will add this as a feature request.

We do how ever have the ability to invite by phone number, zoom room, or cloud room connector programatically.