Web SDK 'No Permission' when meeting passcode starts with 0

Hello all,

We’ve discovered a bug with the Web Client SDK where if the meeting passcode starts with a 0, the signature will be invalid, and the ZoomMtg.join() function will throw an error, stating ‘No Permission’.

Unfortunately we discovered this while we were running a live event on our custom-made event platform, however the issue was quickly solved by simply changing the passcode to start with another number.

Please note that the meeting passcode was being passed as a string and included the 0 at the beginning, it was not being trimmed to integer format.

Please let us know when this has been fixed. Until then we are having to manually check all of the meeting passwords when they are generated by the customer.


Hey @alexmayo,

Thank you for reporting this. I tested with version 1.9.6 of the Sample Web App and didn’t see this same issue when using a passcode that started with the character 0.

What version are you using when you see this issue? Does this happen on the sample apps too?


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