Web SDK ZoomMtg inMeetingServiceListener

Hi @nitin.goyal,

Have you had a chance to check out our Recording Started and Stopped webhooks?

And Is there any way, we can ask guest to acknowledge if host should start the recording.
and if guest says Yes, start the recording and if guest says No, convey the message to the host to not to start the recording.

This is not currently supported. The host will set the recording settings and participants will receive a disclaimer. However, they can’t communicate back to the host their preference. This is a good suggestion, though! Feel free to suggest this here: #feature-requests


Hi, ZoomMtg - Documentation is not a good or explanatory documentation. Adding good descriptions to functions will help developers a lot.

Thanks for this feedback, @majdi! We’re always working on expanding and improving our developer documentation, and the suggestion to expand the descriptions of the functions is something we will look into.


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