Web Video SDK not allowing to change ZoomClient Video Stream

We are trying to create sample application where user’s Integrated camera feed is not visible to other participants but we should play a sample or dummy video for him.

Is it possible to override mediaStream Value coming from ZoomSDKClient?

We also tried to place video file in virtualbackground and stopping media stream to achieve desired results but that is also not working.

@tommy - Can you please guide us in correct direction.


Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to customize the users’ video feed just yet. We are working on the ability to share raw data but I’m not sure if this would work for your use case.

When you tried the route using the virtual background, what issues did you run into? Are you able to share a bit of information on your use case for this?

Hi Max,

Thanks for the update.

raw data would not work for our use case.

Basically we are trying to show informative video (Static Video) in participant canvas when meeting starts and user will have option to switch back to his live camera feed from Integrated camera source.

We have tried by uploading mp4 file as user’s virtual background and avoided mediaStream from getting passed into ZoomSDKClient Class but with this approach meeting video is not rendering anything for Participant Canvas.

Hey @laashishsrivastav

From my understanding, I will use a video element to present the static video(mp4 file), and cover the participant’s video when his/her camera is off, once switched to the camera stream, hide the video element and use mediaStream to render the live video. Does this way work?


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Hi @vic.yang . Your approach will work only for participant but host will not see static video feed if participant is turning off his camera.

We are expecting host to also see static video which is getting displayed to participant when his camera is turned off.

We could also manage this problem if both host and participant are using our own custom solution but in real case scenario that is not possible because host can use Zoom meeting app / external browser to host a meeting and if we just show static video to participant then external host will not be able to see that.

@vic.yang @MaxM Looking for similar solution, is it really possible to change live camera feed to static video by participant ? Can you please help with approach to achieve this.

I’m asking the same question, Can you please help us with this?

Hey @anawilliam850 , @rakesh.purohit , @laashishsrivastav

The VideoSDK Web can only capture video stream from a camera so far, but there’s a workaround, using a virtual camera software to serve video from a static video.

We are planning to add this function to our roadmap, please stay tuned.


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