Webapp's test and production environment sending callbacks to same webhook


We have a web app that integrates with the Zoom API. Using OAuth credentials. When we went live, we’ve had to change our test server webhook to support recordings on our production server.

At the moment we’re sending callbacks from both our test server and production server to the same webhook using the same authentication. This is not allowing us to monitor the requests and polluting our production server logs.

We’ve tried creating separate webhooks for both environments, but they aren’t working as intended.

Is there another way of making sure the right environments are communicating with the correct webhooks?

If not I assume we’d require another account to integrate with our test server?

Any help would be really appreciated!


Hey @Akshay,

Can you provide a screenshot of your Webhooks configurations page on the marketplace with the urls so I can take a look?


Hi @tommy,

Here is the one that is working no problem:

Also worth noting that we’d want only Prod Zoom meetings to only call the prod callbacks, and test Zoom meetings to only call the test callbacks.


I can only add one picture to a post at a time.

This is the one I created for the test server:

Thanks for providing these screenshots @Akshay.

How are you specifying what is a Prod Zoom Meeting, and a Test Zoom meeting?

Also is this a Webhook Only App, a User Level OAuth App, or Account Level OAuth app?