Zoom REST API - Multiple Server Environments



when developing Zoom integration for larger platforms with multiple environments e.g. Production, Stage, and Development, we’re trying to find a way for the environments not to affect each other when using Webhooks, more info/concrete questions follow.

Question 1 - Is there a way for Zoom API to be used in Development/Sandbox mode?

Is there a way to differentiate the environments when using Zoom’s API, or is there anything like a sandbox for development? I’m asking primarily to prevent affecting real users on Production when doing testing/trainings on other environments (which in turn trigger Zoom hooks).

What we need is a development/sandbox mode where we can communicate with the API from a Development server and make sure that any changes made there won’t affect the Production server. Is anything like that supported by Zoom’s API?

Question 2 - What is the best way to avoid one environment affecting another

I’m currently integrating Zoom’s Web hooks with a platform that has some overlapping data between multiple environments (Production, Stage, Development), e.g. same entries on multiple environments that’ll create meetings on Zoom.

Now based on that data that we create Zoom meetings on, those meetings trigger web hooks. What we want is to prevent any possibility that a Webhook originating on Stage (from an action on Stage) affects Production. How can we avoid this beside getting another paid account for every of the non-Production environments?

Reference for paid account only having access to Zoom’s API found here:



Hi @davor.badrov,

Unfortunately, not at this time, our APIs are only used for production environment. A workaround would be to use another account the points to your staging or development environment.

We are working on separate development environments but we do not have a timetable of when it will be available.




understood, thanks for the swift reply.