WebClient Remote Control / Sharing Availability 1.3.8


I would like to find out if screen sharing and remote control is currently available in the latest release (which I believe to be 1.3.8).

I am connecting users through as hosts, but so far as the web client goes when performing a direct integration using the JSSDK, there are few options available. However, if selecting to use the web client from the front page of a join invite, the feature set is much more comprehensive, including sharing and control.

Is the public version of the JSSDK significantly behind the live-on-site version, and is that why I am not seeing these options be available, or alternatively am I required to add some additional configuration to the ZoomMtg.init to enable them?

Thank you.

Hi @mrandall,

We will be releasing a new version of the Web SDK this weekend which will include screen sharing. Our Web client has a few more features than our Web SDK at this time, however, we’re making progress on this.

We’ll make the announcement with the rest of the features for the Web SDK within our new release page[1].

1 - https://devforum.zoom.us/c/new-releases


If the Web Client is going to remain the most well equipped tool, are there any plans to provide signed access to it so it could just be iframed in?

My particular use case for the JSSDK is something of a workaround to be able to set a name, email and host, but the only piece of documentation I’ve so far seen for entering a user like that into anything resembling the web client is to use the JSSDK and its Join method.

Hi @mrandall,

We do have similar features on our internal roadmap but we don’t have a timetable of when it will be implemented or released. As far as your use case, Yes, you could enter in a name, email and set the role to 1 be join as as host as a workaround[1].

1- https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/Web-Client-SDK/getting-started/join-a-meeting