Web SDK Screen sharing

i know, this is asked a lot - are there any updates regarding screen sharing via web js sdk?
will this feature be available soon, as i read in a post that chat + screensharing will be included in march 2019 release?


Hi @harald.glanzer1,

Screen sharing and chat should be released late April 2019.


Hi @Michael_Purnell,
Is this still planified screen sharing for this April?



Hi @produccion,

The screenshare has been pushed back, we’re still looking to release in Q2 but don’t have a exact date as of right now.

Thank you @Michael_Purnell

Do we know more about this now? as i do see it in the documentation, but cant get it to work

@arnout.wind When you try to run the WebSDK and open the browser developer tools, do you see any errors? Also, are you using the CDN, Local or NPM version of Web SDK 1.4.2?

You should be using screenShare: true, within the Zoom.Mtg.init function [1].

1 - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/Web-Client-SDK/api-reference


Sorry for the late reply, was on training:
yeah i did put it to true but sadly the button doesnt show up, im running Local using npm to boot it and indeed version.
“zoomus-jssdk”: “1.4.2”

Does zoom auto hide the feature if it is not supported by the browser? as i was thinking that might be the issue why it doesnt show up as the configuration is quite simple and hard to screw up.
Besides the api reference says the screenShare is on by default

additional info logged by the ZoomMtg.checkSystemRequirements():

Figured out what the problem is, the screenShare option cannot be combined with the isSupportAV:false.

Other question, is it possible to directly start up the screenshare when joining the meeting, instead of a two step thing where the user himself has to click it still? i’ll probably have to trigger an event for it right

So i am using an ugly solution right now which is just clicking the button myself, so far i havent been able to find out which method i can call to start the screen sharing instantly.
Now the user still them self still has to select that they want to share a chrome tab and which one specifically.


Hi @arnout.wind,

Currently the screen share can only be activated by the user clicking the screenshare icon.


Do you have the source code available for the jssdk, so i can have a look at using this feature myself?
Currently i am reverse engineering the minified file but that takes up quite an amount of time with the amount of code.
And if i figured out the way to do it i can supply you guys with the solution so you can integrate it :smiley:

At this time we do not provide our source code to external parties. We hope to change this in the future when possible.