Webhook call not receiving for cloud recording

Zoom Webhook Event(s)
recording.completed & recording.started webhook call.

The problem we are fetching with recording related webhook calls. That problem we are getting for subaccounts. I have one main account (Pro account) and two subaccount. So, for main account, the recording webhook calls are receiving to our system. But, in case of subaccounts, we are not getting only recording related webhook calls from zoom side. We are receiving meeting related webhook calls like meeting.started and meeting.ended for subaccounts also from the zoom.

Not getting any error, we have checked on webhook logs also. But, in webhook logs, there are no records for recording related webhook events for subaccounts.

@learning2 , sorry you are experiencing this. Please see this guidance:

I have refer the above post that you have mentioned and the step mentioned on the post that I have already setup. But, still clould recording webhooks are not receiving for sub accounts. And I am using pro plan.

I have raised the ticket also. But, not getting any solution.
Support Ticket : https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/requests/16841005

To manage failed messages, Commerce monitors each target URL that a webhook is configured to send messages to, and if a URL is unresponsive, disables it as a target. For example, if the Order Submit webhook sends messages to three different URLs, and Commerce detects that calls to one of the URLs are failing consistently (returning non-200-level status codes, or not returning any response), it stops sending messages to this URL, while continuing to send messages to the other two URLs. The messages for the disabled URL are instead added directly to the failed message log.

Commerce continues monitoring the disabled target. When it detects that the URL is responding again, it resumes sending messages to it. Messages to the URL that failed previously (either reached the maximum number of retries, or were sent directly to the failed message log after Commerce disabled the target) are queued for resending. Note that it may take a while for all failed messages to be resent.

Rachel Gomez