Zoom Webhooks not being invoked

There are 15 accounts used by our organization out of which one is the owner account and the rest are member accounts. All the accounts are authorized for carrying out cloud recordings of the meetings. A Webhook app (Eva2) is created by the owner account to trigger a webhook whenever any meeting is conducted by the accounts mentioned above. During the months of September and October, webhooks weren’t triggered for one specific account after the cloud recordings.

The Cloud recordings of around 65 meetings are available on Zoom Storage, but the webhooks weren’t triggered for the cloud-recordings carried through one of the member zoom accounts during the period mentioned above. The problem is seen with only one member account out of 14 others. Also, there are no webhook logs for these cloud recordings.

However, when I carried out a meeting, automatic cloud recording took place and the webhook was triggered.

Hence there is no hint of any error when the Webhook invocation fails.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Webhook (Name: Eva2)

Note: The affected zoom account is the one wherein the recordings haven’t been deleted from the zoom’s storage.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Log in with the affected zoom account and start a meeting.
After the meeting ends, Webhook should be triggered. It has failed to trigger without any error logs during the above-mentioned period.


Thanks for reaching out about this. In order for us to take a closer look, can you please send us some additional details at developersupport@zoom.us? Please provide the following in your email:

  • Account ID of the main account
  • Account ID of the account for which no webhooks are being triggered
  • Example Meeting ID where you’ve experienced this


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