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I opened case 13330084 which has some more details, but was directed to this forum for help.

We’re trying to find the configuration for some webhook events for meetings we’re receiving in an account (DM me or see case 13330084 for the account ID if it’s relevant). When I go to Manage Apps in the App Marketplace we have a Galileo Staging JWT app; however, there aren’t any webhooks enabled there (I followed the steps in this guide https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/build/jwt-app#features). It seems like I have a role with the Zoom for developers permission as described here https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/developer-accounts/#:~:text=To%20use%20the%20Developer%20Portal,to%20“Zoom%20for%20developers”., and should be able to add new events to our Galileo Staging app. Do you know where I can find and configure webhook events on our account?

No error messages, just that we’re receiving webhook events and I can’t see where they’re configured.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I can see a JWT app that lacks any webhook config; however, perhaps there’s another hidden one that has the config?

Which Endpoint/s?
We have a staging endpoint that’s receiving meeting.started and meeting.ended events, and a production endpoint that’s receiving meeting.started, meeting.ended, meeting.participant_joined, meeting.participant_left and meeting.participant_jbh_joined. Please DM me for the specific endpoints if it matters or see case 13330084.

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  2. See error

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Hello, @jwhitman_galileo_io,

Thank you for posting and I am happy to help. I should clarify that only Webhook-Only app types will be logged. Webhooks associated with a JWT app are not shown in the webhook logs at this time. For Webhook logs, you will want to create a Webhook-only App. See the help documentation on this below:

Thanks Donte – I should’ve left an update on the above ticket. We eventually figured this out:

  • A former employee had configured the webhooks on their user with a Webhook Only app
  • Webhook Only apps don’t show up in the default view of your account’s apps in the App Marketplace, unless you created the app with your user.
  • Webhook Only apps also seem like they’re only modifiable by the user who created them.
  • Finally, we were able to make the changes we needed by recovering the former employee’s credentials, logging into the Zoom admin dash as them, and updating their app.

It would be awesome if Webhook Only apps were modifiable by all admins within an account. I believe this is the case for JWT apps, and we’ll probably end up disabling the Webhook Only app, and enabling webhooks on our JWT app.


Glad to hear the issue is resolved and thank you so much for sharing the update with us. This information is very helpful and will benefit the community greatly.

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Thank you so much for sharing the update with us.

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