Webhook event recording.completed doesn't include the password in the payload

The event payload sent in payload doesn’t include passwords anymore.

Five days ago the webhook app was sending the auto generated password for the cloud recording and now it’s no longer being sent with the payload.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Can I know why this is happening and is this just me or this is a breaking-change that is affecting everyone? Thanks!


Yes, same problem here - it does break one of my workflows & forces a manual intervention now.

Mine too, but I am able to get the password of the recording from API. But that’s just too much network calls I would like this issue fixed or an answer from Zoom, on what’s going on…

I’m waiting for Zoom to provide an update before adding that step, but agreed it shouldn’t be necessary.

@coderamogh @PJDev Thank you for raising this — we are actively investigating this and will follow up here shortly.


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@will.zoom , any update on this please?
We had to unnecessarily spend time analysing and fixing this during a recent live event, just because the ‘recording completed’ webhook decided to randomly skip the password in its payload.
Also it would be good to publish this information before changing the webhook contract.
The password seems to be removed from the spec:

Greetings, @jaydeepk454545,

Thank you for your post, I can confirm this issue has been fixed. Can you verify on your end and let us know the findings of your testing ?


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Can confirm the password is appearing again, just in time for an event we had last night.
Appreciate the quick fix @donte.S

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Awesome, @PJDev ! Glad to hear the issue is resolved.


Seems like it’s solved now, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming!