Webhook Event - Recording Registrant - not working

Hi Zoom,

I have enabled the following webhook events as we are trying to capture webinar recording registrations:

I just tried submitting a recording registration for webinar 94654357271, but we did not receive the webhook notification. Regular “live” webinar registration webhook notifications are working fine.

Can you please kindly advise?

I had previously enquired about this issue earlier this year, and it seems it has not been fixed:

Webhook event “recording.registration_created” not triggered - API and Webhooks - Zoom Developer Forum

Hey @marketozoom,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. You’re correct in that this is an ongoing issue that our engineering team is currently investigating. Due to the length of the issue, I’ve reached out to the parties involved in investigating this to see if there is any additional information they need in order to address this. After I hear more information, I’ll be sure to update you. (ZOOM-134514)


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