Webhook Event returns status -7

I have created an app with Webhook Only Type.

Specified the event subscriptions and the endpoint url for users, so when a user change his status in his zoom account, the event is firing at the endpoint url.

However, when I opened the logs, all of them have ‘Status -7’.
I tested the endpoint with Postman and it’s working as expected.
I don’t use the verification token from the Feature section.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT with Webhooks

Hi, @leasstepan1999,

Thank you for posting! Curious to learn if this behavior is happening with every user or with certain users (i.e non-logged users)? It would also help if you can share a screenshot of the log you are seeing? Also, what Webhooks events have you subscribed to?

Hi, @leasstepan1999,
I ran into the same issue. May I know how do you resolve it?
Thanks you very much.