Webhook event_ts field inaccuracy

Zoom API Event(s)
event_ts field as mentioned here.

The following is the event payload we received from Zoom webhook notification:

  "event": "chat_message.deleted",
  "payload": {
    "object": {
      "date_time": "2023-05-11T01:58:43Z",
      "timestamp": 1683770323217,
  "event_ts": 1620659251879

You can see the timestamp within object is around 2023-05-11T01:58:43Z, and we also confirmed we received the notification around the same time.
However, the event_ts is way off (2021-05-10T15:07:31Z), which appears to be two years ago.

X-Zm-Trackingid header is v=2.0;rid=Webhook_82d9c419015a48eb9b7f780cdd57978b for your reference.

Please help looking into the issue. We refer event_ts field as the actual event occurred time and such inaccuracy is unacceptable.


Added some more occurrences, list of X-Zm-Trackingid:

  • v=2.0;rid=Webhook_7010047d29854a55a3e3ba3afbf4fabc
  • v=2.0;rid=Webhook_783c3b3123064a74b59135e943d26b0b
  • v=2.0;rid=Webhook_1cc7fd6633764b3cb0251fa45b378dbe
  • v=2.0;rid=Webhook_5c7bdc216294459aafce9a96617035b2
  • v=2.0;rid=Webhook_dac2530478f8415791a812a0a35cc1ce
  • v=2.0;rid=Webhook_494d73ffe6aa46299fe477288edfff9d
  • v=2.0;rid=Webhook_cbfe247245eb45ee8ed7d707d8c0db3e
  • v=2.0;rid=Webhook_b388554bdefa4c1ba2cc17a6edd3de39

It seems like this only happens for chat_message.deleted events.