Webhook for meeting expiration

For instant meetings, the meeting_id expires within 24-48 hours. I would like to get a webhook from Zoom when this expiration happens so we can invalidate caches on our end. However, I can’t figure out which webhook is the correct one from the documentation.

Which webhook should I be listening for?

Bump. Any help on figuring out the webhook event would be appreciated.


This is an interesting use case, however, I do not think we have webhooks for meeting expiration. However, here is a work around that you can implement:

  1. Subscribe to the meeting has been created / updated webhook
  2. Identify the meetings that are instant, by looking at the meeting type (1 for instant meeting)
  3. Create a logic at your end which invalidates the cache after 24 / 48 hours after the “created_at” field from the payload.

Let me know if this helps