What is the Meeting expire time. Getting an error message like "Meeting does not exist:" after the 24 hours meeting created

I have created a meeting using the create meeting API. I tried to get the start_url using get GET /meetings/{meetingId} API after 24 hours. Getting an error message like “Meeting does not exist:”

{“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting does not exist: 78106372693.”}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Using JWT for authentication

Which Endpoint/s?

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  1. Create a meeting
  2. Try to get the meeting start_url after 24 hours

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Hey @ekanath25,

Can you share the request body JSON of your Create Meeting API request?


Hi @tommy,

Here is the request body of the meeting. It didn’t have an expiration time. This meeting can’t be accessed using GET meeting/id. Can you help me how to create a meeting that will not expire and access anytime?

Hi @ekanath25,

Based on the payload you shared, this meeting was created with type 1, which is an instant meeting. Instant Meetings expire after 24 hours.

To create a meeting that won’t expire like this, you can designate "type": 2 in your request body instead. Type 2 is for a scheduled meeting:

You can see the difference between these meeting types here as well.

Hope this helps!

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