Webhook integration b/w Zoom and Slack

I am trying to get Slack notifications for when an attendee on Zoom joins a Zoom Room (or specific meeting ID) using a webhook. I have tried different middleware options (Gitlab @ Pipedream) and am having no luck with it actually communicating. I can receive the incoming notifications from Zoom to the middleware but am having issues getting the middleware to send the notifications to Slack. I am restricted from using API for security reasons, so it needs to be a webhook.

Please let me know which middleware options are preferred to accomplish as well as any insight on connecting to Slack.

Many thanks!

Which App Type ( Webhook)

**Slack Bot has been created and currently testing using Pipedream.

Hey @rdemry,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

To clarify, you are receiving Zoom webhooks/events successfully at your designated endpoint (whether that’s some kind of middleware or other endpoint), right?

If you’re having trouble relaying this information to slack once our webhook is received, have you checked that your middleware is functioning/integrated with Slack correctly? This question might be best suited for them.

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood, though!


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