Zoom Rooms Alerts into Slack

We are attempting to get Zoom Rooms alerts into Slack in a way that allows us to take the received alert and parse out key pieces of data to make the alerts cleaner. We’re currently using the native email integration in Slack to do this, but the output in Slack doesn’t look that great and is clumsy to take action on alerts we receive.

We reached out to Slack’s dev team about using Bolt for Slack to handle these incoming alerts. However, we’re running into some issues here. One of their devs got back to us with the following details:

I’m afraid we don’t have any additional documentation about how to handle payloads from other services. Judging by the error, GET /webhooks 502 Bad Gateway it appears as though Zoom is sending a GET request and your endpoint is configured to accept POST requests - unless there’s an issue with your if statement and your code is crashing out. With that said, we here at Slack don’t have visibility on exactly what Zoom is sending to your endpoint, so we wouldn’t be able to verify this is the case.

While Slack provides documentation on how to configure an endpoint to act as a server, we are unable to troubleshoot issues where your code is not handling the data sent to it. It might be best to contact Zoom to get more information on how their payload is sent or look on StackOverflow to see how other users set up their webhook handlers in JS.

Let me know if there’s anything we can do.

Please let us know if there are any other details needed to help us find a solution here.

Hi @dsolbach
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!

When you talk about the Zoom Room alerts, are you referring to our webhooks here:


So to be clear, Zoom sends POST requests when sending payloads to your integration, here is a link to our Docs:


Let me know if this helps or I can help you troubleshoot this further

Hi Elisa! I think we were able to figure this out by converting the incoming webhook data into logs.

Initially we were seeing an issue with the tool we’re using to reply with the crc validation. That has been fixed now and we are seeing webhooks come through properly.

That’s great news @dsolbach
Happy to hear you have found a way to fix this issue!
Feel free to reach out to us in the future is you need anything else!