Webhook is calling in every child account

I’ve a master account / owner account and under that account I’ve 19 more zoom accounts. All are Pro Plan.
Recently I’ve configured Zoom Webhooks and noticed If I configure the webhook only in owner account by creating a Webhook Only app, it’s not getting the webhook notifications of other 19 child accounts, it’s only getting the notification from master zoom account or, the account which is the owner of that Webhook Only app.

So, I’ve decided to create 19 Webhook Only app in other 19 zoom accounts. And, I did that. So, now I’m getting notifications from my total 20 zoom accounts.

But the problem is, if account 1 throws a notification, all my 20 webhooks are getting the same notification!! Why is that? Is there any way to receive all 20 account webhook notifications in just 1 webhook url.

NB: I’m handling my webhook response properly and sending 200 response code after processing the webhook notification. But, still all the 20 webhook endpoints are getting the same notification, which is like a brute force attack in my server!

Hey @ostadappbd,

I can certainly see the issue there!

Allow me to do some testing on my end, I have some thoughts, but I haven’t tested this out yet. Once I do, I’ll get back to you.


Okay Ron. Please let me know as soon as you figure out the solution.

Thank you & regards.

Hello Ron, just a reminder.
Did you find out any solution?

Hi @ostadappbd,

Not yet still trying to narrow down what could be happening.