Webhook not triggered

I want to use webhook API to push meeting update to my own server, but failed to do so.

I created an app in the marketplace, and enable two webhook events (start meeting and cloud recording completed), then schedule several meetings, record the meeting to cloud. I have received emails telling me recordings are ready for download. But my web server does not receive the push. When I check “View Call Logs” of the app, nothing was listed there.

Hi @moodever,

What is your appID and accountID so that we can take a closer look?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

My Account No is 110578

The App Name is “developer.zoom.us API”, I did not find a field called “appID”. Here’s what I see from the marketplace.

Hi @moodever,

Can you check to see if you are receiving any responses to the following IP addresses, OR ?


Sorry I didn’t think I understand. I do not recognize those two IPs. What are they? Do you mean “to” the IPs or “from” these IPs?

Also the way I check if webhook is triggered is by looking at the Webhook Logs, which is empty no matter what operations I did.


Hi @moodever,

I meant check to see if your server is receiving payloads from the IP addresses. Also try this, can you test to see if the webhook are being sent from webhook sites like requestbin?

Also, can you try to create one more meeting so that I can check the API logs and see why its not showing up in the Webhook logs?


Thanks for the suggestion!

I have switched the callback URL to a requestbin URL, and will now schedule some meetings to see whether any requests are sent to requestbin.

Just to double confirm, I have a primary account and added some other users to my account. I assume that all meetings created by any user in the account will be sent via webhook, not just the meetings created by the primary user. Is that correct?

Hi @michael_p.zoom,

I have tested the webhook with RequestBin. It seems like the events have been sent to requestbin successfully. So the only problem is why they failed to appear in the Webhook Call Logs.


Hi @moodever,

Yes since you’re using a JWT app it’s account level and you’ll receive all events for each user. The webhook call logs only work for webhook based apps right now. We’re working on updates to include webhooks for JWT apps.


@michael_p.zoom That makes sense. Thanks!