Webhook URL validation failure on app with 500 users

Our user-managed OAuth app, which receives webhooks, has been functioning smoothly for months. However, recently we encountered an issue where URL validation is failing for our AWS Lambda function endpoint. We’ve thoroughly checked domain mappings, domain health, and certificate validity, all of which appear to be in order. We’ve successfully tested POST requests using Postman and even tried regenerating the secret token, but the issue persists. Webhook functionality is critical to our application.

Additionally, our Zoom marketplace app is experiencing similar issues with URL validation for receiving webhooks. Despite aligning our code closely with the example provided in the Zoom webhook sample repository and conducting extensive testing, including third-party tools like Postman, the problem persists. We have over 500 active users relying on this functionality.

We have already contacted sales to enroll in Premier Developer Support, but we urgently need assistance to resolve this issue. Please connect us with a Premier Developer Support agent at your earliest convenience.