Webhook zapier validation with wordpress

Hi there,
I am another one here unable to use zoom webhook features due to the new validation step.

I must confess that I succesfully use many services with webhooks but I find the zoom’s validation process unusually “highly technical”.
And the bits of examples in the documentation section are not ok for a simple wordpress scenario.

I have read many topics here and on other forums in order to solve it but with no success.

How can I validate the url on a wordpress website?
For example:
is there a working code I can put in functions.php?

Or is there a complete working javascript code and some hints about how to use it?

Thank you for your support.
All the best. Carlo

Hi @Segwe
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
I totally understand your concern and appreciate your patience.
We have communicated with Zapier’s team to support them integrate this new feature.

We have a sample app sith working code in node.js but we do not have one available in php

Let me know if this helps,