Zapier and New Webhook Authentication

I received an email about the new Zoom webhook authentication procedures. It sounds like all webhooks need to be switched over to use the new authentication methods, otherwise they will stop working in October 2023.

I’ve been sending a few webhooks to Zapier (mainly for Webinar registrations and for Participant/Host joined webinar). The Participant/Host joined webinar hook does not appear to be available in the Zoom Zapier app, so I can’t switch to use the Zapier app instead.

How do I go about setting up the new authentication in Zapier to make sure my Zoom webhooks continue to work?

I found this previous closed post, which makes it sound like Zoom webhooks will no longer work with Zapier: Webhook zapier validation - #14 by james.petty714. Is that really true? If so, that’s very unfortunate, since we rely on Zoom webhooks to pass data to our other systems.

Does anyone have any information about how to make sure Zoom webhooks through Zapier will continue to work with the new authentication requirements?

@elisa.zoom I see you responded to the post I linked to say that there were no updates as of February 2023. Do you know if there have been updates since that time?

Hi @zk12345
I do not have an update on this but let me reach out to the Zapier team again

Okay, thanks @elisa.zoom. Hopefully, they will have an update.

If they can’t support the new authentication, what are my options from the Zoom side? Any workarounds or alternatives to the new authentication? I saw that we can ask to have custom authentication turned on, but I think that might run into the same issues as Zoom’s standard authentication.

This change takes effect for all webhooks starting October 2023, correct? I assume that if we make no change, the webhooks will stop working?

Someone on the other thread suggested looking into Integromat/Make instead of Zapier, so I guess I’ll try to do that, though it would be a hassle to switch platforms.

Hi @elisa.zoom , do you have any updates on this? I have several Webhook Only apps with Zapier:

  1. when someone registers
  2. when someone joins
  3. when a new recording is ready

As Katherine asked: if we make no change, will the webhooks stop working in October?

Appreciate any suggestions you have on how to prepare for: ‘Verification Token (Retires in October 2023)’

Thank you!

I finally reached out to Zapier support directly and after a lot of frustrating back and forth, it basically sounds like it will stop working and there is no workaround.

If your trigger is a part of the Zapier Zoom app (I think participant registration is), you can use that instead and it will keep working. But, the other triggers used via a webhook only app and the Zapier Webhooks integration will not. They have it on the roadmap to add other triggers to the Zoom app, but it sounds like something Zapier has to code, not Zoom.

I did find this post:, which suggests that you might be able to build your own custom integration with Zoom via Zapier instead.

Note that the response that says “This has been addressed” apparently does not refer to the webhook validation issue, but something else. Took me a while to get Zapier support to confirm that and honestly they may or may not have given me correct information. The different agents I talked to didn’t seem to know what they were talking about.

I did try editing my Zoom webhook and then reauthorizing with Zapier, which I think is supposed to trigger the new Zoom webhook authentication. It worked, but I’m concerned that it will not continue to work in the future.

So, we’ve decided to switch to Make (formerly Integromat) instead for this. Their support says their connection should continue to work in October. We shall see.

Hope some of this additional information that I found helps, but if anyone else knows anything or if Zoom has an update directly that would be great to hear.

Hi @zk12345 ,

Thanks for reaching out to us. This is something that Zapier needs to handle on their end. As the email states, we will deprecate the verification token in october 2023.