How to use public hosted server REST API which is Basic Auth enabled and call the API on the event trigger ( for each zoom room ) and post relevant data to create ticket

Hi @vinodkumar.singeetam,

Would you be able to explain your issue in detail? Are you trying to figure out how to use our API and which API to call for Zoom room?


@ Michael

We are looking at Integrating ZOOM ROOM alerts with our ticketing system, need to know below

  • Can you consume the public hosted server REST API which is Basic Auth enabled

  • And call the API on the event trigger and post relevant data to create ticket

I would be happy if we can connect over a call with my ticketing team as well to see how this can be achieved

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So, if I understand you correctly, you want to get a web hook event for a Zoom Room alert and on that alert poll the API for data on the zoom room? What information are you needing that isn’t in the web hook payload?

Ad for basic AUTH, we do not support basic Auth, you will need to use OAuth or JWT to authenticate to the API.

Hi Tim- are you available for a quick call with our development team to discuss this ?

I would love to know what you are looking for from a top level before committing to a call.

Hi Tim

We are using BMC remedy as our internal ticketing tool to manage service requests / incidents.

Objective is to create an incident ticket automatically whenever an alert ( offline , controller disconnected etc) is generated for any of our ZOOM ROOMs.

The ticket will be attended be respective teams to fix the alert and close.

Hope this helps.

Got ya. I would recommend using webhooks in this case. We have webhooks far many different types of alerts and one specifically for Zoom Room alerts which would allow you to get alerted when a “issue” occurs with a Zoom Room.

Take a look here for the webhook definitions. We will be improving the documentation on webhooks soon so I apologize for the sparse information in the meantime.

We have a similar use case, but for Atlassian JIRA Cloud

Hi @ashchukin,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Were you able to resolve your issue using the above recommendations?


Unfortunately not. There are no guidelines from Zoom.

Hey @ashchukin,

Are you referring to On Premise Zoom? You want Webhooks for On Premise Zoom?