Webinar API for server side apps

Hello folks,

Quick question about the webinar API.

I want to replace the registration form with a custom signup flow on my own site, but from what I can tell the Webinar API registration endpoint requires an OAuth token. But as OAuth is client side, users wouldn’t be able to use it to sign up using their own details on a custom form.

Am I missing a trick here?



Hi @tom.barber,

The Webinar API registration both uses OAuth and JWT(for server to server apps) tokens. What type of marketplace app have you created when using the webinar API?


Oh we were playing with both earlier but the API docs seemed to suggest that the auth type for webinars was OAuth only. I’ll go take another look.

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Hey @tom.barber,

Yes you can use your JWT token to add registrants to webinars without OAuth as long as you own the meetingID :slight_smile:

We will make this more clear in our docs!

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