Webinar Attendee Report from API

If you go to ZOOM > ADMIN > Reports > Webinars you will see a list of webinars. You can then click on “Attendee Report” and select one webinar from the list. At the bottom there is a button to Generate CSV Report for the event.

In the CSV report generate the section related to atendees have the following columns:

First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Registration Time
Approval Status
Join Time Leave Time
Time in Session (minutes)

I can’t find any API endpoint that provides the data on this level of detail.

Any ideas if there is an endpoint/set of endpoints that can bring this data? In special the demographics data (Organization, Job Title, Gender)


@knluser Hi Rodrigo, for this information I’d use the Webinar Participant Report API. This is the API for the report you are looking for.

Hi Michael

I am using the Webinar Participants and I don’t get the demographics information that the Zoom report provides. Have you tested it yourself?