Webinar has expired

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Hi All,

We are using custom registration form to get registrants. We are using registrants endpoint to register them for selected webinar. After registration user receives an email form zoom with link. If webinar expired users were relocated to recording of the webinar. But recently this functionality stopped working - when clicking on the link users were redirected to join webinar webpage, but instead of a recording they receive an error message,

Webinar has expired

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Hi @oleksandr.olashyn,

Thank you for reaching out about this, I believe this is related to a known bug at the moment. (ZOOM-294571)

The bug is related to a missing parameter from the URL. Our team is already working on a fix for this, and it should be addressed in our upcoming August release.

In the meantime, there is a workaround—you can manually add the missing UUID parameter to the url being used to access the webinar recording. The webinar UUID can be found in the webinar registration link:
(https://zoom.us/webinar/register/UUID ) or in the response from the Create Webinar/GET Webinar API.

If you then add the UUID as a parameter to the join_url, this should resolve the issue—For example:

I will follow up with you here as soon as this bug fix is released.


Hi @will.zoom ,
Thanks for sharing. We are using standard email reply’s from Zoom so I need to check can we modify a url there and if we can do it dynamically. What are the dates of August release?

Hi @oleksandr.olashyn,

I don’t have the exact dates, but this should be addressed sometime in the next couple of weeks. (ZOOM-294571).


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