`webinar.participant_left` webhook not available after March 21, 2024 release

Hello. After adding Granular and optional scopes we created a new app. Previously we used the webinar.participant_left webhook, but now it is no longer available. Have we done something wrong or is there a new alternative?

Hi @rust , it’s cause granular scopes have not been released yet for webinars. See here for available granular scopes.

Thanks for response. So now we cant create an application of the old type, but the new one does not have this webhook. Did I understand correctly that currently we dont have a way to track when a participant leaves a webinar?

Hi @rust , yes you will need to wait for the updated granular scopes to be released to use for new apps. I’m checking internally if there is a release calendar we can share.

Is it possible to create an old type Zoom application? Because it blocks my app. Thanks

Hi @rust unfortunately we are not able to create old app types with legacy scope. I am waiting for an update on scope release calendar for the ones that are still not available.

Hey team, any update on this? Potential tech partner here looking to create an app to pass Webinar attendee and registrants for your enterprise customers to manage webinar messaging such as email invites, followups, etc.

Without these scopes, is there any workaround to getting webhooks from your app for webinar registrations, webinar attendance, etc.?

If not, timelines would be much appreciated!

Hey @reymond.pierre , webinar scopes were added: Integrations - Granular scopes

Are you able to access them in your app?