Invoke participant_joined and participant_left webhooks through endpoint


We have built a connection to Zoom’s REST endpoint within Salesforce, and as part of this integration we have subscribed to several webhooks. We’re wanting to test an issue where we were not receiving participant_joined and participant_left webhook notifications for meetings/webinars with over 300 in attendance, however do not have 300 folks on hand to simply join a meeting.

Is there a way to invoke these webhooks without physically having individuals join a meeting?


Hi @kbrenneman , thanks for reaching out about this. I have a few questions to help us better understand the situation:

  • Are you subscribed to these webhooks under an OAuth, JWT or webhook-only app? This will impact how you receive the subscription notifications.

  • Additionally, have you noticed this consistently with meetings containing 300+ participants or occasionally?

  • Have you checked if your endpoints return a 200 status code response upon receiving Zoom payloads? I ask because if that’s not the case, sometimes webhooks can silently fail.

Thank you,

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