Webinar plan is missing from my JWT API

I am not familar with Zoom at all. But I’m handling our Wordpress site. Now we want to bring the two together. Someone else in our zoom account has setup a JWT API key. I am now trying to setup our Wordpress site to work together with Zoom and using this API Key I get the following error message:

Webinar plan is missing. You must subscribe to the webinar plan and enable webinars for this user in order to perform this action: 8qYVKL5zT1q3MazMJfnLQQ.

I know our account has Webinars setup (1000 member license). I dont know why that is not showing in our API…?

My question is similar to this one. Except there it seems to have been solved by using Meeting instead. My API key is working for Meetings but I need it to work for WEBINARS.

In Wordpress I am using a free plugin called Automator which says it can work with Zoom webinars and seems to be able to.

As I said above I am very unfamiliar with zoom and our Zoom administrator is currently unavailable and not familiar with developer stuff (I do have the admin login credentials).

Hi @JKR,

Thanks for reaching out!

To clarify, the user under which you’re scheduling the Webinar must have a webinar licensed assigned to them. This would be the user ID or email that you’re specifying in the request URL.

If you’re using the me macro to create the webinar, this would point to the account owner, who would need to be licensed.

Can you confirm the user in question has a webinar license yet?


Hi Will,
Thanks for your answer.

I’m totally new to Zoom so please bear with me here… I have the User1 logon details and I can see the following:

  • We have 1 administrator + User1

Only User1 has Webinar license.
(Administrator only uses Meeting 100 participants).

the JWT API key was created by Administrator before User1 was created and before we had Webinars license.

I believe we pay for a webinar license. Can I activate it for Administrator without having to pay another license? (Administrator doesn’t need webinars but in that case the existing JWT key should work for webinars too?)

What happens if I recreate the JWT key from the User1 logon?
It says if you recreate it, the old one will no longer function. What kind of “damage” will this cause to Administrator? Can Administrator use the same JWT key that I am using?

Thanks so much for your support! It’s a little overwhelming all the options in Zoom… :slight_smile:

I just edited my answer as I found out I made a mistake on the fact that I don’t have the administrator access but I am actually User1.

Regardless of that, I just tried to regenerate the JWT API key while being logged in as User1 which has webinars, but it just changes the password, the same message occurs that my account does not have webinar plan. How can I assign the JWT API key to user1 instead of to administrator?

Hi @JKR,

Thank you for clarifying!

To note—from the Zoom side, the JWT app is an account wide app, so logging in as the admin or someone else in the UI will not affect the JWT credentials themselves.

The most straightforward solution here would be to purchase a webinar license for your account owner/admin themselves as well.

But you should also be able to create a webinar for user1 without an issue. Can you share the exact request URL you’re using when you send the Webinar Create request? Which user ID are you specifying in the URL?


Hi Will, Thanks for replying. Understood that logging in from another account does not change the JWT credentials.

I don’t understand why I would need to purchase a second license ($80 per month is not cheap) for the administrator that will never use it, just so the app can connect my webinars to my website… Why is there no option to delete and recreate the JWT app?

I’ve seen many many many other people who have the same problem/question. It seems to be a widespread issue. Can you not re-program it (future update/feature request) so one can change the JWT app and recreate it under another user?

I can create webinars from my user1 license, no problem from within zoom. But I cannot connect my website to our zoom account because the JWT app says we have no webinar license (which is not true, we just dont have one for the administrator). I need the website connected so I can make customized web-pages on my site, with my domain which signup people to the zoom webinar directly.

If I can’t delete the JWT app myself, can you delete it from our account so I can recreate one under the user which has webinars?

Thanks for understanding.
Best, Judith

Hi @JKR,

Thanks for the prompt reply! I think there may still be a little bit of confusion here, my apologies.

To clarify, it should be possible to specify the user whom you’re creating the webinar for in the request URL directly, so that the request is carried out on behalf of that user, specifically as long as they have a webinar license.

Is it possible to share the exact request you’re making, including the request URL and request body, with me directly at developersupport@zoom.us? This will help me to take a closer look.


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