Webinar plan is missing?

Hello, I’m attempting to send registrants to a meeting/webinar using a 3rd party landing page system. I believe I have the necessary authentication method in place, but I continue to get the following error and not sure what webinar plan I need. The account I’m using is a paid account. Am I missing something in my JWT configuration? Please advise.

{“code”:200,“message”:“Webinar plan is missing. You must subscribe to the webinar plan and enable webinars for this user in order to perform this action: t4aVjd0TSK-nlLHXdXmrUQ.”}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Visit my test page: Bluepoint Virtual Workshop
  2. I receive an email notification with the API request. It shows the Authentication, Post Data, and response from the server.

Screenshots (If applicable)
Attached is screen shot from email resposne.

Hi @martechLeeFrucci,

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I understand that you already have a paid account in place, however have you also purchased a webinar plan and assigned it to that user?

Webinars come at an additional cost with Zoom, so you’ll need a valid, assigned license before you can start using the Webinars API.

The below article covers how to purchase and assign a webinar license.

I hope this helps!


Thanks, Alex. I was able to use the meeting response and successfully register for a meeting through the API. Appreciate the help!

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@martechLeeFrucci Excellent news! :slight_smile:

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One last question. My Admin account has several users, most are licensed members with their own logins. Can this API I created in my account work with other meetings created by the other users?

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@martechLeeFrucci yes your main account will be able to access any sub-users of your account :slight_smile:

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Thanks for jumping in @alexmayo! :100:

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