Webinar Q: How to view webinar in active speaker but record in gallery view

I want to host a webinar with one host and one panelist. I want the host to be able to view their screen in active speaker mode (so they don’t see their own face constantly). But, I want to record it on the cloud (if possible) in gallery view. There will be no screen share- just the face of the host and panelist.

When I have tried to record gallery view, the host using active speaker overrides this. How can I fix it?

Attendees can toggle their view and I’m not worries about them.

Version: 5.0.2 (24030.0508)

Why I want to fix this? The purpose if the webinar is so that a child (host) can be interviewed by an adult (panelist) on a sensitive subject matter. We need to be able to see them both in the recording at all times, but it seems distracting to have the child see their own face throughout the interview.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @glundon,

You can see our Cloud Recording support doc here:

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