Webinar report: one id, a list on the dashboard, one result on the response


I’m trying to get a list of participants of a webinar using the endpoint https://api.zoom.us/v2/report/webinars/webinarid/participants.
I noticed that one of the webinars that I’m reaching, has 3 lines on the dashboard->reports screen. Like in this picture:

But when I make a request using it’s ID to the endpoint above, the request is returning only the data of the first line of the picture. So I have 2 questions:

Why the report screen is showing 3 options to choose from in order to generate the webinar’s report?
And why the request for that webinar ID returns only the data of the first line of the picture?

Hi @felipe_badaro when you request a participant using a webinar ID, the default response is to provide a report for the most recent instance (occurrence) of the webinar. Each occurrence will have a unique identifier (UUID) which you can use instead of the Webinar ID to provide the specific instance you want a report for.

Retrieve UUIDs through the Past Webinar Instances API. Then call the Webinar Participant Report API with the UUID as the path parameter.

Oh I see, I will try that.
About the other question, why a webinar has more than one occurrence? The picture that I used is not from my personal account, so I don’t know what happend there.

Hi @felipe_badaro a Webinar can have more than one occurrence if a host joins or starts the same webinar ID multiple times.