Screen share not working

I am using websdk to join meeting. but can not share screen. i had config zoom.init screenShare:true
when chose windows to share only black screen appear. can not see anything
Please help my to findout the error and how to fix that

i try using zoom desktop app, but still got this error

Hey @tranvuong1803,

Are you serving your site over https?

Can you provide the meeting number you were using so I can check the logs? (CS-1587)

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Hi (again) @tommy,

We’re seeing this issue as well, serving over https and the most recent meetingID is 901340777. But this is replicable with every meeting created so I can certainly provide more in real time if need be.


Hey @adrian,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I will update our engineers with your info.


Hey @adrian,

Please try using version 1.7.6, it should fix the issue.